RSS Probe - Lightweight Feed Reader for iPhone/iPod touch

RSS Probe is a simple feed reader application for iPhone/iPod Touch, supporting various formats such as RSS 1.0/2.0 and Atom 1.0.

Product Overview

RSS Probe
Leveraging the features of iPhone's multi-touch interface, RSS Probe will give you the intuitive and swinging interaction.
The web page for each entry can be displayed within the built-in Web View screen, so you don't need to quit the app to launch Safari browser.

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On the Settings screen, you can add feeds from the subscription list of Google Reader, besides the manual input of feed URL's. It will make your setting actions much easier and faster.

Screen Sample: List of EntriesScreen Sample: Entry Details


  • The maximum number of feeds: 20
  • The maximum number of entries per feed: 25
  • The count of unread entries will appear on the Home screen
  • Twitter features available. You can update your tweets and view your timeline.
  • [New!] Supported Evernote - Now you can save your notes within the app!

Support Information

Please refer to RSS Probe Help for more detailed operation and how to add new feeds.
Feel free to contact us when you need any troubleshooting or feedback about our products.
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This software includes MPOAuthConnection, JSON Framework and Google Toolbox for Mac developed by the respective regents and contributors, and MGTwitterEngine by Matt Gemmell.